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tv   Today  NBC  January 18, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EST

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we're back now with more of "today" on a monday morning, the 18th of january, 2010. kind of a nice day, although a little breezy here in the northeast. but moderate temperatures, big crowd outside. a lot of people off today because of the martin luther king jr. day. so some people have off from work and school and we're happy that they're spending part of their day with us. inside studio 1a, i'm matt lauer along side hoda kotb and amy robach. al and natalie are out in los angeles, covered the golden globes last night and now giving us a report. give us a sense of how much
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sleep you've got or haven't got in the last day or so. >> about an hour or two, combined. >> natly was doing the preshow. >> the preshow and the after-show. >> as soon as i finished last night, i went to bed. >> not a lot of sleep, but a lot of fun. it was worth it. >> we'll get to see what happened behind the scenes. and in particular, natalie, what it took for you to get ready? >> that's right. i had some professional help. it was good. >> we started the night out -- >> greeting arrivals on the red carpet, too. >> that's the ostrich dress. >> wow. >> the one you ended up in was spectacular. >> yeah, i have to say, it was a tough choice. i really could not decide. but in the end i went with comfort. >> you get to keep all the others? >> no, no. these are all borrowed. >> all right. so you'll get to see what the big process is. >> the suitcase looked a lot bigger -- >> that's the pillow from the hotel room.
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>> i'm taking the one i borrowed from new york, i have to take it back. >> we'll check in with you in just a couple of minutes. and later on, we'll talk about get fit today. if you're looking for something other than a diet and a positive lifestyle change, we're going to learn about a new approach that might be right for you. >> you've got some of the top news stories of the day. yes, i do, 2,000 u.s. marines arrived off the coast of haiti to help speed supplies to earthquake survivors. search teams pulled more from the rubble this weekend for a total of 70. but at least 70,000 bodies have been buried in mass graves. security forces in afghanistan are said to be back in control in kabul after a deadly coordinated attack by militants. in the biggest attack on kabul in recent months, taliban militants blew up bombs at government buildings and opened fire in a shopping center in a battle that lasted for hours. at least five people were killed, dozens wounded. the man who shot pope john
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paul ii was released from a turkish prison today. he served 29 years for bounding the pope and for an earlier murder in turkey. in massachusetts today is the final full day of campaigning before a special election tomorrow, to fill the senate seat left vacant by the death of ted kennedy. on sunday, president obama campaigned for democrat martha coakley, who is locked in a tight race with republican state senator, scott brown. the result could decide the fate of president obama's health care overhaul. for the fifth week in a row, "avatar" held on to the top spot at the box office, taking in $41 million. and becoming the number three movie in all-time u.s. ticket sales. and now you're up to date. it's three minutes past the hour. >> sorry for encroaching in your shot there. i was trying to go over here and i was in amy's personal space. sorry about that. >> you just wanted our shoulder. >> shifting back and forth. let's go out to burbank for
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mr. roker's check of the weather. al? >> i have plenty of room to spread out here, matt. >> oh! [ laughter ] >> wait a minute, i don't they got that shot. do that again. okay, let's check -- >> feel the love. >> let's see what's happening. out west here, we have got a mess. i mean we've got the jet stream, 150 to 200 miles per hour coming across the south. typical el nino pattern. three big storms, one right after the other. flood watches for southern california, winter storm warnings for the sierras. rainfall, unbelievable flooding. by tuesday morning, you can see three to seven inches of rain. by wednesday morning, another five to seven inches of rain. and by thursday, we're talking up to 15 inches of rain to 20 inches of rain in the southern foothills and the coastal areas
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of southern california. so and in the mountains, we're talking snow that will be registered in feet, maybe even yards. we are talking about a lot of pr >> we are going to start off with cloud cover that will decrease as we head to the day. sunshine this afternoon and temperatures nice and hollywood's top stars had to shine their way through the rain last night at the 67th annual golden globes. where the year's best in film
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and television are honored by the hollywood foreign press. the soggy red carpet didn't dampen the party spirit at the golden globes. >> i would like a drink as much as the next man. and unless the next man is mel gibson! >> and the golden globe goes to -- "avatar." >> james cameron's spectacular 3-d science fiction adventure was the night's big winner, taking best drama and best director. >> this is a chance to get people back to the movie theater and have that big experience. >> first-time nominee, mo'nique, won best supporting actress for her work in "precious." >> first, let me say -- thank you, god, for this amazing ride. >> the ageless meryl streep won best comedy actress for her affectionate portrayal of tv chef, julia child. >> you're at the top of your career, when a lot of people
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would be thinking about slowing down. >> i'm thinking about it, believe me. the hits keep coming, babe and i'm really happy. >> real-life stories helped sandra bullock win for best actress in a drama, with "the blind side." and drew barrymore won best actress for hbo's "gray gardens." >> i'm not someone who takes things for granted. so this really hasn't necessarily hit me yet. >> also on tv, "mad men" won best drama series for the third year in a row. while the lovable "glee club" kids won for best musical or comedy. scoring one for all of us former band geeks and av squad in other words. >> i was in the a.v. squad, okay? all right? in fact, we had an -- a.v., that was our -- okay? >> back on the silver screen, the raunchy dudes in vegas film "the hangover" was the surprise winner for best comedy. will we see a hangover ii? >> you'll see a "hangover ii"
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tomorrow morning. and hopefully -- you'll see one next may, memorial day. >> best comedy actor winner, robert downey jr., joked about single-handedly carrying the film, "sherlock holmes." >> "avatar" is going to take us to the kwleeners, if they didn't have me, we didn't have a shot, buddy. >> offstage, the star gave credit where it's really due. >> with her on my arm, i knew that we'd really work hard and deliver a good product. >> jeff bridges, "crazy heart." >> the night's biggest ovation went to jeff bridges, who has long been treasured by his fellow actors. >> you're really screwing up my underappreciated status here. >> he was finally recognized as best actor in a drama for his role as a hard-drinking country singer in "crazy heart." ♪ >> it feels wonderful, man. it feels really wonderful. to get that kind of acknowledgement out there, i didn't kind of expect that.
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and -- it was, it was something, man, really something. >> well even though the red carpet was a sea of umbrellas last night, it sewer didn't stop the fashionistas from parading down. >> and jonathan anton and "today" style editor, bobbie thomas are back with their picks. marion cotillard, everything worked, what did you think? >> it was a beautiful balancing act, she was stunning. she was close to being my favorite right under kate hudson. >> i liked her dress. i thought thumb's up on the hair. i thought her hair looked really good. it was clean and back, but not too tight. kind of loose, it gave her some height. i think she stepped up. >> it was perfect for the neckline. the asymmetrical neckline, the big trend of the night. >> i got to tell you, i loved sandra bullock's dress. >> al was touching it the whole night. >> it was very airy, it was
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bottega sr. vanetta. it did look very airy. she's got such a hot body. i really would have loved to see her in something maybe a little form-fitting but i loved her dress. >> what about her hairdo? >> i loved her hair. i thought she was probably one of the best back-do hairstyles of the night. really soft and pretty. >> what did the rain do, do you think? do people adjust -- >> did people adjust their hairstyles? >> the rain beat everyone up. it really got to everyone i worked on. it was tough. but everyone held out. it was all about having the right kind of hair for the weather. and the people that didn't -- >> it's all about the natural beauties. >> wlets talk about the ones that you don't love, jonathan. you may remember from "house" the series, jennifer morrison. she had the bun going on. >> it kind of -- it had like an extra-terrestrial shape to it. that was my problem. if you look at her from the side -- it was a classic case of
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right idea, wrong execution. >> the dress is already so elaborate, too. >> it was too much. the bun was too big. it was too low, it should have been higher up and smaller. i just think she just missed. it's a shame, because she's beautiful, you know. >> do you like the dress, bobbie? >> she is so beautiful. but i feel like the color was a bit washing on her, she's gorgeous, though. >> i loved drew barrymore's dress, especially with the, i don't know, something from a sea urchin. >> versace, really stole the show. she's a red-carpet risk-taker. she's going to do her old thing. this was old hollywood meets the future. it was very glamorous, the silhouette. but you see all of this interesting, unexpected detail. i mean on the hip and the shoulder -- beautiful. >> and jonathan, her hairdo? >> i didn't think so. i thought it was kind of fair. i thought it was simple. but i didn't think she was really taking any risks for her
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hair last night. >> i think the dress did so much. >> quite possibly. >> to have something right here and you add something here -- >> i would have liked to have seen a soft beautiful finger-wave to go with her dress. >> for something that avant-garde for her to pull it off in such a pretty way is almost impossible to do. but she did it. >> penelope cruz dressed to the nines, as always. >> al and i saw her, she's the classic -- >> beauty. giorgio armani, you can't go wrong. >> absolute perfection. >> and the hair was stunning. >> absolute perfection. >> as hot as humanly possible. that wave was absolute perfection. >> she was probably -- that was my favorite look right there. absolute absolutely. >> chloe sevigny, she kind of went for broke here, right? >> when i first saw her on the carpet, it was breathtaking, all
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of the ruffles. she looked so beautiful in some shots. and when she turned, the ruffles felt a little overpowering. but i have to say, i really admire her for always trying something different. she's a little bit of a rebel. but this valentino, it definitely was lot. but she kind of worked it out. >> and julia roberts with the little black dress. some thought she was a little too plain, what do you think, bobbie? >> the effortless chic appeal she had. she had a necklace from van cleef and arpels on, she looked amazing. >> julia roberts hair, i thought it was so hot and babed out. >> it was perfect for the night. she just tossed her dress on. >> casual, beautiful. >> the other black dress -- >> our producer made us put in, jennifer aniston. >> gorgeous. >> because of this picture. >> forget about her hair, can we talk about her legs? >> that -- the most striking
9:14 am
black dress. it goes to show you, don't underestimate the power of a black dress hanging on the rack. >> if you have a body like that? perfect hair. >> sometimes a wok will look at a black dress and think, another black dress. this will show you why it's classic. >> olivia wilde, she supports an orphanage at three schools in haiti and she's donating 100% of her dress, the auction proceeds to the relief efforts. >> her look, gerard butler's look they're all going to donate their outfits to america's peace and justice auction. it was nice to know that the glamour would spin the spotlight on something else. >> she looked amazing. she had the old vintage sophia loren beautiful hair. >> who was there last night. >> yeah. >> she looked amazing, too. >> jonathan anton, bobbie
9:15 am
thomas, thanks so much. who do you think dressed best? cast your vote on our website, >> still to come, how hard is it to pick out a dress? we'll see how our own natalie got ready on the red carpet, as we continue our coverage of the golden globes after these messages.
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last night, i hosted the preshow on the red carpet for the golden globes, so of course, i needed a dress. let's just say, deciding on the gown was the hard part.
9:18 am
but playing dress-up was fun. ♪ >> hey, natalie. >> kelly, oh, my gosh, i'm so excited to have you on my team. >> it's golden globes time. >> kelly catron is a no-frills stylist with her know show on bravo called "kel on earth." she's brutally honest. she was helping me find a dress for the golden globes. >> i've never done the red carpet. so i'm looking for something that will be wow, but at the same time, i have to work. what are we looking for? what are the trends this year for the red carpet? >> you can celebrate vintage which is also beautiful and you know no one else is going to be wearing what you're wearing. and could you be like michelle obama and do your part in introducing new and emerging designers. >> what's vintage, exactly? >> the rule is that it's 20 years. but the rule is flexible. >> what are your favorites? >> i love this. >> you know? >> red on the red carpet?
9:19 am
>> it's the first thing that the eye notices, and it's mr. valentino and he also just retired. and he has a movie out right now. everybody will have to move out of your way when you walk in. this dress says, beep-beep, turn to the left. this, i just really want to see on you, this is thierry mugler. >> i couldn't resist this little number on the mannequin. >> this is vintage. this is a what not to wear. >> this is not for air. cue the can-can music. i feel like a bird. >> beautiful. a little understated. good time to talk about accessories. with a neckline like this it's all about the wrist and the ear. these are judith ripka stackables. this really elongates your neck. the rule in fashion to have one amazing thing on at all times. and the rest doesn't matter. >> you've got your sweatpants,
9:20 am
you're headed out the door to target. and you have this on, the message is, do not mess with me, stand back. you look beautiful in this. >> i can barely breathe. >> this is why we call these dresses, a relationship dress. because you need to be in a relationship to wear it, okay? you cannot get in this by yourself. >> conservative? va voom! >> this is awesome. >> i think i might cry in absolute fashion happiness. >> this is beautiful. voila. the belle of the ball. >> i'm having a big fashion dilemma. which to go with? >> this is halston, a great american designer, he kind of revolutionized fashion, brought it to the masses. >> it fits amazingly. >> this is an off-the-hanger fit. which is almost impossible. >> you do not look bad in one thing. which is another reason why i
9:21 am
might have to hate you today. >> there's the kell i know. >> i think you have to take this dress with you, what do you think? >> time to get glam. let's go. >> this is definitely -- the little perks. it's not all about getting glam. because this right here is the homework. got to be ready. >> jim here is going to give me a smoky eye. okay. beautiful. so what dress will it be? >> i just made up my mind this morning. it's all about comfort. here it is, i went with the lavender. it's going to be a very long day and night and this is the one i feel most comfortable in. so this is the golden globe look. voila! let's go.
9:22 am
>> so i have to thank kell kelly catron for styling me. it was a tough decision. >> that was the color of the snit. >> it turned out i was on trend. >> i did love the red valentino, also. >> not one of them really didn't look good on you. >> but in the end, it truly is, it's a long day as you know and you're working the carpet. you want to just fit with everybody else. so i was allbo the comfort factor. >> and the relationship dress you said was like wearing a corset. >> i couldn't get it over my ribcage. it was like the "gone with the wind" scene where you have to have somebody pull it on you and tuck you in. i couldn't go with that one. >> the purple one was perfect, it didn't show any raindrops, a lot of people you could tell were soaked and you looked fresh as a daisy. >> and i was soaked, but i guess because it's a lightweight silk
9:23 am
it dried up preetly immediately. and judith rip ka, thank you for allowing me to wear the jewels. >> i think i have to borrow the stylist's line -- i think i have to hate you now. >> the other thing we have is kelly catron has a reputation of being tough to work with but i have to tell you, she is the sweetest person, kept calling me and making sure i was okay with everything. so thank you, kelly. i owe you big-time. >> she's got a bravo show coming up, doesn't she, nat? >> she does, "kell on earth" so we're looking forward to that. we'll be back after this. cococome up for a visit.
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(announcer) use rid-x monthly to helpeep ur sepc systems operating efficiently between pumpings. coming up in our next half-hour, how positive thinking affects your health. and we're going to cook the classic burger. a mouth-watering patty melt. you won't want to miss it. it's on "today's" menu after this. ld in this beautiful country of ours... 300 million people, at one time. i said, i can do it but you better get me my left handed scissors. we're going to take a snapshot ("pop") of america. isn't that what the census is doing? yeah who's in? pancho, no. over or we can't make the triangle.
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[ male announcer ] tell us how you roll at >> good morning. i'm mindy basara. here is a look at some of our top stories. still no word as to whether any charges will be filed the case of last weekend's deadly crash in the middle of lexington market. one person was killed and three injured saturday when a woman reporter this suffered a seizure behind the wheel of her pickup truck and drove head on into a crowd of people at the market. senate president mike miller wants a change in the death penalty law. he said he will support the distillation that will allow the use of fingerprint evidence in capital cases. he says it was a mistake lawmakers did not include fingerprint evidence in the law enacted last year which
9:27 am
requires dna evidence linking offenders to crime, videotaped confession or videotape of the crime. the sponsor of last year's bill opposes any changes to the law. another law that could see changes, recently enacted speed cameron legislation. right now the cameras are catching speeders 24 hours a day even when all lanes in the work and some are open. state senator says it is not in keeping with the reason the law was enacted and wants to turn off the cameras whenever the road crews are not on the job. he says keeping the cameras on 24/7 is simply a way to generate revenue and not protecting workers. now let us take a look at the forecast. hi, tony. >> good morning. looks like it will turn out to be pretty decent day. mixture of sunshine and a few clouds. rain is long gone. temperatures about 10 degrees above seasonal norm. we will make it into the upper 40's and no 50's. sunset at 11 minutes after 5:00.
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seven-day, a couple of rain showers late tuesday into tuesday night, high temperature of around 49. it should dry off and call off wednesday and there is a and then chance of rain or snow friday. >> thank you for joining us.
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despite the rain, the stars were shining brightly on the red carpet last night at the golden globes. and al and natalie are in burbank this morning, finishing up their coverage of the golden globes with look at the fashion on the red carpet. look at that, still looks shiny and new. >> i can't believe they're still awake. >> after staying up all night long. i'm amy robach, along with hoda kotb and we had plenty of sleep last night, so there is that. >> i almost feel guilty. coming up, what you think can also affect your weight. it's all about a mind body connection. so we'll hear from a fitness expert and motivational speaker
9:31 am
about how you can get yourself fit by having a more positive attitude about yourself. look at how happy all of them look. but sometimes even after you work out, you have to treat yourself to a good burger. that's what i like to do. and when you think burgers, you don't necessarily think of the garden state. but this is a new jersey original you will flip over apparently. we'll show you how to make the best patty melt ever. >> yum, that looks delicious. but first we'll check in with al roker for a final check of the weather. hey, al. let's see what's happening as far as the week ahead is concerned. we're looking at a mess here out west. in fact, over the next week, really, heavy rain for much of california. above-normal temperatures for the eastern two-thirds of the country. snowshowers in new england. another storm comes into the west coast. rain in the southeast to the mid-atlantic states and then latter part of the week, more rain, more snow, more heavy rain in the southwest. above-normal temperatures from
9:32 am
the great lakes to the gulf coast. >> good morning, everyone. the weather will be pretty quiet this holiday. a mixture of clouds and sunshine with a little more clout cover this morning and afternoon. temperatures nice and mild, close to 50 that's your latest weather. hoda. we'll see you a little later and again at 10:00. coming up, unlocking the secrets to wellness, it's a philosophy forfeitness. right after these messages. in dependability ong all automakers.
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this morning on get fit today, we're talking about a new mind-body fitness philosophy. fitness instructor and motivational speaker, patricia moreno is out with a new book. "the seven secret principles to thinner peace." i like that. and i've been practicing. because you want to say, intensity, but it's inten-sati. why did you make a change on the pronunciati pronunciation. >> i wanted to create a word that when people saw it, they would have to go, what is this? this is not like anything else i've ever seen before. i took two words, inten comes from the word intention and sati comes from the word mindfulness. so it's the practice to teach yourself to keep your mind on what you want to achieve in your life. instead of what i call the whiner or worrier. you've struggled with your weight and battled eating
9:38 am
disorders for you say, most of your life. >> i grew up in a family of 11 kids, eight girls, i'm the youngest. so we were always dieting. by the age of ten. i was on a diet. i was 210 pounds by the time i was 13. so i got into exercise to help me lose the weight. but then i also started to overexercise and was had bulemia for like ten years. and even though i was getting thin and fit i was the most depressed i ever was and i realized something just wasn't working. >> this book is based on a fitness experience you teach here in new york city. and we're always talking about here's the new diet. why is your method unique? and it's more than a fitness row teak. >> it's much more than a fitness routine. when i created this program, i created it because i was really studying and researching a lot of self-help books. i had my favorite authors and i thought -- there needs to be a way to help people implement all
9:39 am
of this great information so what's different about inten-sati, i give people the principles and think how can i focus my mind and focus on what i want to be, instead of complaining and worrying. >> anybody who has been in a fitness class, especially one that is this intense, looks pinned but everyone here looks so happy. >> it's amazing, the weight loss, people are claiming weight loss between 25 and 100 pounds. it's amazing. but if you do one class, you're burning 650 to 800 calories in one class, that's significant. but what's even more iressive to me is what people are saying, they're receiving it from it. one, they're going for their dreams because they're believing in themselves. they're feeling more optimistic, more courageous and confident. they're finding the jobs of their dreams. finding the relationships of their dreams and they're feeling more empowered. so that's the results that i
9:40 am
really find empowering. >> if fact, the first principle in your book you say as soon as you make the decision to change, your life will follow. it's about making the initial decision. how do you stick to the decision? >> what i talk about in the principle is that your thoughts are really what move you and guide you. and most people think of their thoughts as just like, observations. oh, i'm fat. oh, i'm too tired, i have no will power. but i ask people to think of their thoughts as commands. when you think of a thought as a command, because what you think about, you bring about. you become it. i train people to really understand that once you make the decision to change your mind, you're self-taught. the way you talk to yourself. no one whispers in your ear more than you do. and you believe those words that you repeat to yourself. so this is the practice of taking thoughts that you don't yet believe, and practicing them, putting emotion into them and becoming them. you change on a mental and physical and spiritual level. so it's putting into practice all of those great self-help books. >> patricia moreno, we certainly
9:41 am
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9:46 am
>> rain or shine, it's red carpet time. ♪ >> i just want to run down the carpet. >> penelope, va va voom, girls. >> remember we're both at the golden globes. remember we used to sit on the couch and watch them. >> oscar de la renta. >> that's a good man to be wrapped around your body. >> zac posen. >> face by sam fine. >> who am i wearing, honey? >> dolce and gabbana. >> sears and roebuck. >> armani. this is balenciaga, but i'm with tom ford. >> you can't do better than that as your accessory. >> i get to show off my bride.
9:47 am
>> kevin hall, face by bobbie brown. the bobbie brown, yeah. >> i notice you're both wearing the ribbons for haiti tonight. >> yeah, we are, we're thinking about it keeping it in our minds. >> it's raining. and i said it would! >> very festive, very wet. >> the great idea of the pink umbrella. >> a little spotty. >> a japanese material, it's plastic. >> so it's waterproof? >> i'm hoping. >> we'll let you dance between the raindrops. >> thank you so much. ♪ >> i'm almost going to blush, but are you a member of the mile-high club? do you get that question? >> bobbie, bobbie. >> i had to, everybody's like, you have to ask her that. >> this is driky.
9:48 am
i plead the fifth. >> i made the dress. >> did you really? >> yeah. i was up all night, sewing. >> cutting out all of that? >> i wanted there to be little holes in it. >> absolutely. i do her hair, her makeup and i sew her dress. this is from next fall, a sneak peek. >> anyone who knows me in real life knows i'm a hot mess on a day-to-day basis. so for a bunch of people to come together and paint me up is a real treat. >> how many people did it take? >> like 50 people, like the people that work the macy's parade, with the balloons. >> what's in your bag? >> can i look? >> i don't know, i just got it through security. i have a small bottle of vodka. a tiny one. >> i can't wait to get inside because there's a lot of champagne. >> yeah, a lot of champagne. >> a lot of champagne flowing for her, i'm sure. >> coming up in short order, diner classic that you can sink your teeth into. and it will melt in your mouth
9:49 am
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>> good morning, mindy basara. here is a look at some of our top stories. in reminder for this martin luther king jr. holiday, federal, state, and local government offices and courts will be closed. banks and post offices will also be closed. baltimore city will hold the 10th annual martin luther king day parade later today. it kicks off and noon at the intersection of martin luther king boulevard and utah streets.
9:56 am
friday would have been ♪ spread a little love today ♪ spread a little somethin' to remember ♪ ♪ spread a little joy and see ♪ need a little happiness to be ♪ ♪ living the life with me ♪ ♪ spread a little joy and see ♪ need a little happiness to be ♪ ♪ living the life with me ♪
9:57 am
>> welcome back. after the rain over the weekend, today will be comparatively nice. a mixture of sunshine and clout as we get to this afternoon. high-temperature about 10 degrees above normal, upper 40's and low 50's, and tuesday chance of a couple of rain showers tuesday evening and night and dry weather and colder conditions wednesday and thursday before rain and snow moves in and of the week.
9:58 am
>> thank you for joining us.
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